The Art of Listening to Life 

April Workshops with Joseph Soler

purepower events is pleased to bring you three events presented by best-selling author, Joseph Soler, who is visiting Kelowna in April. Don't miss this opportunity to heal and transform your life!


Half-Day Workshop 

Learning how to understand, communicate with and resolve your illness

April 22nd  9 am - 1 pm 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify the source of physical distress and disease.
  • What this distress is telling you through the different parts of the body it affects
  • How to use Joseph's unique technique to understand a deeper diagnosis by assessing:
  1. What is going on in my life?
  2. How am I experiencing it?
  3. How is my body reflecting it?
  • Discover Your Body as a Map which you can learn how to read. 
  • Learn How Your Inner Reality is projected into your external world. 
  • Recognize How Life Comes Calling with gentle calls that come through annoyances, inconveniences and discomfort; and intense calls come through physical pain, accidents and disease.
  • Reawaken your ability to hear the inner voice, through intuition, signs, signals, heart impulses, coincidences and synchronicities.
  • Understand what the body is telling you. 
  • Identify the purpose of an illness in the body.
  • Understand the purpose of the message.

Where: The Downtown Business Centre #101 - 346 Lawrence Ave. at Water Street, Kelowna.

Cost: $49 plus GST per person


To pay by e-transfer, please email [email protected] 

Password:  Life

Or call 250 681 0799 for assistance


Two-Day Workshop:

The Purpose of Dis-ease and its Relationship to the Healing Process 

April 29th (9 am - 4 pm) & April 30 (10 am - 2 pm) , 2017

In this two-day workshop you will find the root of the original physical or emotional symptom or the situation(s) that repeat themselves in your life. A "Seed Event” is an experience that happened early in your life that forms the root of a belief that molds your vision of reality by creating limiting filters of perception. Often, these situations are uncomfortable and seem to be outside your control, making you a victim of a situation.The Seed Event is the moment when a seed was planted, which gets watered (and therefore grows) by similar events in your life. These events consolidate into a behavioural pattern, attracting repetitive circumstances, that eventually manifest in the body as illness or discomfort.

If you are experiencing pain or a disease, it is because you are sending an unconscious message to your body to create it. In the same way, if you are experiencing conflict in your life, it's because you are sending that message to yourself, which in turn creates that reality. All symptoms and illnesses have roots that sustain or feed them which are not visible to the rational mind. The body knows where that root is and it will lead us to it so that we can deal with it. We just need to know how to ask.

In this workshop you will learn the purpose of your symptom or dis-ease, and how to understand and resolve it. You will delve deeper into your purpose and will pay special attention to the important or significant events of your life. We all have a purpose or a mission in life. Nothing exists in the universe without a purpose. This purpose can remain hidden or unclear. In this workshop we will connect with this vision, mission and action by working through a system of visualization.

Part I: 

Purpose of the dis-ease and its relationship with the healing process. Guided visualization and introduction

Part II:

Going deep to the 'seed' event. You will gain the power to heal, from the inside out using the power of emotion to create.  You will discover that there is no such thing as “positive” or “negative” emotion.

Part III:

Aligning vision, mission and action. You will make the journey, in a semi-trance state, to the moment the seed was planted. You will discover and integrate the gift contained in the symptom or the disease and transform the seed event into learning, growth and a source of light. 

Where: The Downtown Business Centre #101 - 346 Lawrence Ave. at Water Street, Kelowna.


Workshop Leaders:

This workshop is led by Joseph Soler, author of The Art of Listening to LifeJoseph was born in Barcelona and received his MBA in business administration. As his successful business career unfolded, his life was impacted by a severe chronic shoulder pain, which was diagnosed as incurable. He embarked on a spiritual journey which lead to a complete healing and a new career as an author and spiritual wellness teacher. In his workshops, Joseph shares the keys of his own spontaneous remission and how they can be applied to any situation. He is a best-selling author who has written four books which have sold more than 100,000 copies. His latest book, The Art of Listening to Life, is now available in English.

Joseph is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and is involved in the European Program for Death and Dying. Since 1995, Joseph has dedicated his life to exploring the connection between body, mind and soul. He has developed a method of deciphering life's messages and integrating their gifts by uncovering their purpose and is dedicated to helping people understand how human health connects with spirituality.  

Marcus Dupuis is a public speaker in the realm of self-empowerment and mind/body connection. He is the translator of The Art of Listening to Life. Marcus has dedicated a great part of his life to understanding the mind/body connection. The journey started with spending time in Ashrams in India in the '80s and has evolved to leading workshops and developing courses for helping people identify the source of and purpose of circumstances that arise in life.

Marcus is the host of Perceptions, a radio program that investigates various aspects of the human experience through interviews with authors, specialists and luminaries in their respective fields. and are the two places where you can discover more.


Life is continually communicating with us through our body. The messages come through unexpected events, inconveniences and challenges. What you view as a difficulty, a complicated situation, an inconvenience, an injury or an illness, is a communication spirit uses to signal something needs attention. The language that life uses to communicate with you is clear, once you learn how to listen.


Cost: $249 plus GST per person


To pay by e-transfer, please email [email protected] 

Password:  Life

Or call 250 681 0799 for assistance




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