With Dr. Wayne Carr

February 10 & 11, 2018

Kelowna, BC


Begin 2018 with an amazing weekend event with Dr. Wayne Carr that will catapult you towards your highest self by deepening your understanding of why you are here and how to live in your fullest potential while experiencing maximum joy and contentment. In this dynamic, two-day workshop you will awaken your ability to grow in every area of your life by integrating your:

1) Spiritual Intelligence
2) Psychic Intelligence
3) Core Intelligence
4) Emotional Intelligence
5) Cellular Intelligence

This workshop focuses on Integrating the five intelligences on the path of deep self-realization


Guided meditation for Integral Self-Realization

Self-assessment of your current “developmental level”

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of integration (Integral Intelligence)
  • What is full self-realization?
  • Your core motivation and evolutionary intelligence
  • Our rampant self-betrayal
  • The sovereign, sage, sorcerer, warrior, lover archetypes
  • Mobilizing Whole-Part Consciousness
  • The conveyor belt of conscious development
  • What is your level of development?
  • Embodiment of you're realization
  • The necessity of your enlightenment in today's world

Developing SPIRITUAL Intelligence:    

The ability to detect the real and see (and be) things as they are

Focus: Learning "Meditation for Enlightenment"


Guided Enlightenment Meditation

Breathing Practice

Practicing true mindfulness

Using the meta-senses and taking meta-perspectives

Topics Covered:

  • Practicing enlightenment meditation
  • Seeing things as they are
  • The danger of "spiritual bypassing" or “spiritual denial”
  • The Sage archetype
  • “States of Consciousness” vs “Stages of Consciousness”
  • The pre-rational
  • Going beyond "New Age" to "Integral"
  • The underpinnings of consciousness
  • The non dual or “no state state”
  • The gross, subtle and causal states
  • "Fields" of consciousness
  • Learning to take multiple perspectives
  • Daily spiritual practices 

Developing PSYCHIC Intelligence:    

The ability to navigate opportunity and "potentiality" fields to open new doors for

one's self, others and humanity

Focus: Learning "Meditation for Enlightenment"



Practice guided Remote Viewing sessions

Sensing and acting on "opportunity fields"

psychic meditation - guided

Creating  a “Group Mind”

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Psychic (non-local) Consciousness
  • Our psychic heritage - part of everything we do
  • Dangers of overuse or underuse
  • Keeping self in balance
  • Learning daily navigation with intuition and psychic abilities
  • Integrating non-local (psychic) consciousness
  • The sorcerer-wizard archetype
  • The importance of practice


Developing CORE Intelligence:    

The ability to fully process all that the unconscious presents and bring it into the world to be fully alive 

Focus: Learning "Core Shadow Healing"



Guided primal session

Your inventory stored and maintained unconscious pain

Exploring the Involuntary

Topics Covered:

  • What is Shadow?
  • Wounding - looking directly at wounds
  • Integral primaling
  • Reaching in and reaching out
  • Getting the lost parts of yourself back
  • The authentic self and real self
  • The need for healing and integrating
  • Prototypical experiences: Experiences we never had but needed
  • Having a friendly unconscious
  • Pealing the “1000 layer onion”
  • Defenses, denial, delusions
  • Parts of the brain involved

Developing EMOTIONAL Intelligence:    

The ability to use "mirror neurons" to accurately look into people's hearts and connect to truth

Focus: Learning "Integral Assertiveness" and "People Reading"


Guided Assertiveness Meditation

Making Contact Exercises

People Reading Exercises

Looking into anothers heart with permission

Topics Covered:

  • True contact, connection, bonding
  • Vulnerability, humanness
  • Having "teeth", "fierce wisdom"
  • Asking for what you want
  • Maintaining and respecting boundaries
  • "Reaching out" vs "sucking in"
  • Seeing other’s shadow
  • Communication and manipulation
  • Seeing pathology, denial, stupidity and psychosis
  • Being stuck in the Pre-rational stage
  • Getting the “goodies” in life
  • Society the "lemming effect"
  • The “distrust-based” society
  • Wants, needs and feelings
  • Self-expression
  • The true nature of resentments and anger
  • Anger phobia
  • Detecting & using the "opportunity field" around us
  • “Anti-life” forces
  • Living in the “human zoo”
  • Speaking from vs talking about
  • Toxic shoulds and shames
  • Bringing ourselves into the world
  • Action coming directly from perception
  • Dominator hierarchies
  • The "truly human" vs "moral"
  • “No wrong feelings”


Developing CELLULAR Intelligence:    

The ability to use intention, listening to the body and the latest research on nutrition, exercise, recovery and sleep to stay vital beyond current health spans

Focus: Learning new "Health Span Practices"


Guided Cellular awakening meditation

Breathing Exercises

Topics Covered:

  • “Cellular enlightenment”
  • 10 to 20 year lag between practice and research
  • Health, exercise, nutrition, sleep and recovery
  • Healthspan longevity
  • Valuing and being life
  • Breathwork
  • The latest research on nutrition
  • Balance, homeostasis, self-regulation
  • The rhythm of Focus and Restoration
  • Life energy, Chi energy
  • Sleep as a life practice
  • Accessing the "extended organism”


About Dr. Wayne Carr:

Dr. Carr has had a long interest in psychic phenomenon and consciousness. His doctoral dissertation was on brain waves and states of consciousness. While conducting this research, he would frequently have discussions over lunch with the Princeton psychic researchers, Dr. Charles Honorton and George Hansen. At this time, he was supervised Dr. Joe Kamiya, the father of brain wave biofeedback. Dr. Carr has conducted brain wave research with Dr. Lester Fehmi, the founder of "Open Focus", a technique used by therapists worldwide, for pain reduction and heightened awareness. During this time he also conducted research on a device designed by Edgar Casey.  In 1972 Dr. Carr conducted a research project on telepathy as a graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles. 

At the Farsight Institute, he graduated in the same classes as Prudence Calabrese, past Director of Transdimesional Systems. One of Dr. Carr's "students" at Farsight, Jon Baklund, went on to found The Midwest Institute of Intuitive Application (Remote Viewing). Another one of his "students" at Farsight, Echan Deravy, head of Transdimension in Victoria, now teaches remote viewing in Japan and Canada. 

Dr. Carr received a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Nevada Reno in 1992, Biofeedback Certification in 1993, an MA in educational psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1982, and a BA in psychology from Sonoma State University in 1973. He has practiced in California, Nevada, and New Jersey. Dr. Carr currently has a Gestalt Psychotherapy practice in Reno NV. 

Dr. Carr draws from his unique background in cognitive-behavioral, humanistic & Gestalt Therapies, meditation, consciousness, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. Overall, Dr. Carr has a strong interest in finding ways to integrate the "spiritual" with the "primal-emotional". 

Other special interests of Dr. Carr are: The therapeutic uses of awareness, attention and emotional release; the relationship of brain activity to awareness and emotions; exploration of subjective emotional states and processes, including ways of finishing emotional "unfinished business" and processing emotional pain; teaching clear communication skills. 




$149 plus GST


What Wayne's workshop participants have to say:


This weekend was amazing thank you again for opening my eyes and giving me new tools to play with.

--- Mike 

I have done various psychic and spiritual work for 30 years.  I usually don't take classes or workshops anymore because they are too basic, too elementary.  Through this class, I was able to explore completely new territory, yet get phenomenal results with my very first viewing.  I can't wait to see what happens with practice!

--- Joan 

I just wanted to say thank you and WOW, what an awesome experience; I feel rejuvenated!

--- Denise

My life will never be the same! Chalk up another one to " things I never would have known unless someone showed me how to change my perspective". I had even more respect for the human mind now. Dr. Carr is an outstanding teacher. More people should know about this!

--- Penny

I can't tell you how wonderful it was too actually get automatic feedback on intuitive material..Sometimes it is months before I learn if what I see is true, or has any accuracy at all. I was in awe of the quality of stuff that I got using this process and trying to be intuitive instead of my usual method of getting impressions in "thought balls," as Wayne calls them. 

What really strikes me is that I am more balanced - emotionally and spiritually than l have been in a long time.. For the first time in my life I am positive that I am not crazy but that I am intuitive and my third eye was way to open to the noises and static in the atmosphere around me. I know that my 'thought balls' usually are quite accurate but I did not believe that I could have any control over it until a year ago and my research led me to you and your seminar.

--- Shelley

Dr Carr's course helped me to realize that my unconscious is truly operational. It also gave me the opportunity to identify the difference between my "story" and the real target. The class requires a lot of energy but it is well worth it.

--- Marcia

It was life changing for me in several ways! I am so grateful for the direct experience of the Buddha. I am also grateful for the experience of you, kind, smart and funny. I am thankful too for the feeling of learning to trust myself more. I've known a lot of things for a long time and this really validated my knowing.

--- Rachel B.

This is a challenging and rewarding workshop! The demands of the workshop activity require a great deal of energy. Be well-rested and prepared to go through all of the emotions that go along with a steep learning curve. I learned a lot and felt very rewarded. I came to the workshop tired and depleted - not a good start - I learned I need to have more patience with ME, in that in my expectations of perfections are high. However, I made good energetic contact! Dr. Carr is very encouraging supportive. A good workshop!

--- Elaine


$149 plus GST



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