Pure Power Illuminate Psychic Fair & More 2018

Jan 19-21

Coast Capri Hotel Kelowna


Discover the Magical Possibilities

Do you know how to follow your heart, your gut-instinct, that little voice that says 'yes' to new ideas and passions? Or do you rationalize and push the messages away and stick to the same old tired-and-true routine? Perhaps you yearn for something new, but just don't know which path to take when a fork in the road presents itself. You have dreams and desires but simply don't know how to make them manifest.

Join us January 19 - 21, 2018 at the Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna – where astrologers, tarot and tea leaf readers, numerologists, mediums and energy healers of many modalities will be gathered to assist in identifying your strengths and uncovering the blocks that may be holding you back from living life to your highest, unlimited potential.

More Magic Than Ever

For the fourth consecutive year, we have sold out our exhibit space at the Illuminate Psychic Fair and more. So are excited to announce a new, larger venue for 2018, the Coast Capri Hotel, centrally located at Highway 97 and Gordon Road. We now have room to accommodate up to 60 exhibitors and enough energy to take you to a whole new dimension! 

We will open the doors at 5:00 pm on Friday January 19, featuring world-renowned Dr. Wayne Carr.

Keynote Address: Dr. Wayne Carr

Psychic Mindfulness and Integration


Integrating our inborn psychic-intuitive abilities with our hearts, minds and whole being

Unintegrated (also underdeveloped) psychic abilities, even if very powerful, can cause severe problems in one's life. We need to integrate these inborn abilities to navigate life successfully. This goes way beyond what you may think or believe; It is about what you embody!

Come join Wayne in the adventure of integrating your natural psychic-intuitive abilities into your daily life, so that your natural ability can take its rightful place at the table.

It’s about learning to see the integrated whole of life in ourselves, others and the universe, without anything being left out. It's about being life itself. It's about learning to dwell in the space from which all life springs forth. It’s about being on the cutting edge of our own growth. Get out of the way so life springs forth through you in ways that go beyond belief!

The goal is to live one’s life from an integrated, truly enlightened space of clarity and deep uncommon awakening. In this way we can fully develop our gifts and give back. In this way, we can be articulate spokesman for who we really are. Let’s all embody and relax in the true meaning of “well-being”. This is within the reach of all of us if we are earnest.

Dr. Wayne Carr

After many years of teaching the psychic-intuitive technique of Remote Viewing, Dr. Carr found it to be an excellent discipline to develop one's psychic intuitive abilities, especially integrating it with other practices of mindfulness, meditation, “Integral”, yoga etc. In the last twenty years he has deeply explored and taught Remote Viewing in the US, Canada and Europe. He has pioneered the processes of spiritual, therapeutic and medical Remote Viewing.

Since high school, Dr. Carr has always had a passion for finding out the true nature of reality and the self. Since the sixties he has extensively explored Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Meditation, Shadow Work, Gestalt Therapy, Krishnamurti, and more. He currently has a holistic psychotherapy practice in Seattle and conducts bi-monthly Integral Enlightenment Training Workshops focusing on getting people to their next developmental level and eventually to the “Integral level” and the “Enlightenment level”. He will be offering a version of this workshop a few days after his keynote presentation.

Dr. Carr believes that enlightenment is within the reach of many people and that communities of awakening must be created to support this. He believes that the world will change significantly only when a certain percentage of the population reaches these higher levels of development.


Half-Day Workshop with

Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Doing Life's Work As Angels


Using Your Angels to Manifest Your Highest Calling 

In today's chaotic times, our focus needs to shift from what is wrong to our Earth Angel Master Self! We are called upon now to connect deeply with Spirit and our angels as we focus on the love, joy, wisdom, abundance, and creativity that dwells within our true Being.

It’s already there, waiting for us to remember to access.

  • Get clarity on your Life’s Work
  • Release old habits and beliefs that are stopping you
  • Move through the place where you get stuck
  • Experience the glory and majesty of your Master Self

In this experience with your Master Self and Angels, you will  be able to change your mind, beliefs and perspectives now. One step at a time, you’ll use what you have to move forward. And before you know it, you will experience that EVERYTHING you need has been in front of you all along.

The angels are calling us to Live AS Angels and to do our life's work as the Angels we are.

As a special gift, the Kindle Angels will upgrade our Golden Incarnation Discs! This has never happened before in the history of humankind. You’ll have to come to learn what that means and how important it is for you right now!

Join Us Sunday January 21 – 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Cost per person:  $67 plus GST. Includes your day pass to Illuminate (Sunday). Space is limited. 

Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is a master at creating life-shifting experiences with the angels and Spirit. She is the bestselling author of Angel Blessings Cards and a dozen other books, countless courses, and The Angel Ministry. Kimberly is the President of Gateway University, a school for the study of higher consciousness. Please visit KimberlyMarooney.com for more information.




Event Information




5:00pm - 9:00pm
7:30pm - Keynote Address with Dr. Wayne Carr


10:00am - 5:00pm


10:00am - 5:00pm

Speaker Series

Saturday January 20

11:00 AM   Natasha Rosewood:  Who Were You In A Past LIfe? 

Why would you want to delve into your past lives?  Is there even such a thing as reincarnation?  After offering private and group past life regressions for over 20 years, Natasha Rosewood would answer: Why not?  And Yes! She is certain that reincarnation is a large part of our soul ‘s eternal journey.

In addition to better understanding your Self, your “irrational” fears and your relationships, much healing, peace and comfort can be achieved by exploring previous lives. Most people who have a regression have had a nagging feeling of some invisible block that is inhibiting─or in some cases damaging─ their current life. Perhaps you are in a soul mate relationship where you love each other but fight all the time; are inexplicably paralyzed by a fear; are stuck in a destructive, self-sabotaging cycle; or suffer from a mysterious health issue, regressions help bring past life events to one's consciousness where they can be understood and released.  Through a debriefing process, past lives are “interpreted” so the client can find validation, forgive transgressions, and re-empower the psyche. This brings healing, peace and comfort to the client and also the spirits of those who were affected by that past life event. Trapped ghosts are set free and clients are empowered to move forward to fully enjoy the present and realize their happiest future. 

Natasha looks forward to meeting you and your past personas at Illuminate!


12:30 PM   John Schlapbach:  How Trapped Emotions Can Impact Your Well-Being

Much of your suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become trapped within your energy field. The Emotion Code is a simple, yet powerful method of identifying and releasing these trapped energies. Many have found when they free themselves of their trapped emotions they are able to live healthier and happier lives. Whether you suffer from Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Phobia’s, Heartache or just generally feeling out of balance you can finally get to the underlying causes of your health or life issues most of which are emotional in nature.

For over 40 years John has been helping people improve the quality of their lives with a background in holistic health and wellness, medical intuitive, mind-body medicine and most recently as a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code practitioner, teacher and speaker in the emerging field of bio-energetics.

John will be teaching and demonstrating how simple it is to access the subconscious mind to get to the source of your pain or difficulty. He will be working on volunteers from the audience so you get to see, hear and feel how profound and life-changing this work can be. Come and join us for this fun, engaging and informative event!


 2:00 PM   Caleb Matthews:  Dreamscaping

Founder of Encompassed by Dreams and spiritual insurgent, Caleb Matthews, will take you on an aerial experience to view and discover the landscape of your dreams.

Dreamscaping is about spiritually cultivating a lifestyle of dreaming in the night season. Every person on the planet is a dreamer. Some are aware of this but many do not understand the incredible gift that dreaming offers our spirit. Caleb's session will give the audience an overview of a roadmap of how to follow their night dreams, how to understand what they are saying and how to activate more to come forth in their lives. Dreams are a personal, interactive, mystical language that, when unlocked, have the power to change lives.

An experienced international speaker, Caleb has taught and imparted spiritual knowledge and wisdom to thousands of people. Whether in small groups or large gatherings, his message crosses cultural boundaries. Caleb’s dream interpretation adventures have taken him to places like Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice, Haunted Happenings in Salem, MA and the Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Come and discover what your dreamscape looks like.


3:30 PM   Donna Fairhurst: A Psychic Journey From Color to Clarity 

The story of my journey from a troubled child with unexplainable psychic awareness of auric fields, chakras and the meaning of them, visits from spirits, guides, and angels throughout my life, deepening awareness through 3 NDE’s (personal near death experiences) to the present as a respected practitioner and healer employing many holistic modalities including Reiki, NLP, EMT, and VT (vibration therapy) which includes, toning, gongs, crystal bowls, drums, and tuning forks as well as verbal prayer, affirmations, mediations. 

I have a passion and a mission to explain & teach what I see, feel and hear whenever I meet with a client, old or new, and most importantly, the power of our words to affect our energetic fields, and thus our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realities.  



Sunday January 21


11:00 AM   Evelyn Mulders:  Accessing 4th and 5th Dimension Consciousness 

Confusion, memory loss and not having enough time are all symptoms of shifting dimensions. The desire to move past our three dimensional existence and raise consciousness, has been the focus of truth seekers and now, in 2017, we are experiencing the affects of this new vibration without an instruction manual.

What does it mean to enter into 4th and 5th dimensions? How do we achieve such an accomplishment ?
Why would we want to participate and what can we expect? Join Evelyn Mulders on a journey of exploring the Ladder of Ascension using vibrational frequencies as she shares the answers to these questions and more. 

Sometimes, simple concepts that bring the biggest results. Many people relate to the 4th or 5th dimension as a place; somewhere to get to. They aren’t. Dimensions are states of consciousness, available to anyone who vibrates in resonance with specific frequencies and the opportunities available within each dimension. Once you recognize AND have the tools to positively affect something, you can literally switch back and forth between any dimension in the blink of your eye.

One of those tools is the Ladder of Ascension which is really a map or blueprint, a GPS if you will, of how to easily get from one dimension to another. Say you needed more time to complete a project or to commute. Time is a 3rd dimensional concept and doesn’t exist in the 4th or 5th dimensions. Can you see where there would be benefit in being able to easily and seamlessly switch from the 3rd dimension to the 4th – thereby creating more ”time”?

When you are vibrating in 5D consciousness, you don’t create with form as you do in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, you create with light, light patterns and light frequencies and apply sound, color and geometric shapes. Evelyn will introduce the value of using Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies in support of this impending inter- dimensional shift. 

Evelyn Mulders is the founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada and senior faculty for the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. She has been educating students in Energy Medicine since 1996. Following her own journey to health and healing she discovered the power and relevance of frequency, especially sound. This led her to the Alchemy of Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies, which now sells internationally and offers a Sound Essence Certification Program. Her passion for education inspired her to write two published books; The Essence of Sound and Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory. 


12:30 PM   ImaNaviah Rose: The Imaginal Awakening Process 

Imaginal cells in a caterpillar awaken and against all odds, despite all attacks by the (immune)system to kill them, they keep coming back in greater numbers. They carry the genome, the blueprint, for an entirely new species. They activate as individuals and eventually connect with each other, linking up into longer chains and bigger conglomerates that resonate in unison, until they overwhelm the current system. In a grand moment of realization the unified imaginal cells consciously choose to become the butterfly and the embodiment process begins.

During this time of great global, cultural and personal transformation there exists Imaginal Beings, ones that carry the new codes for a new stage in humanity, a new way of harmonizing with the Earth and each other. During this time of Imaginal Awakening we are called to shed and release all that does not serve ourselves, or the greatest good, and circle together as community. In doing so we make ourselves energetically available to gracefully awaken the Imaginal Heart and come into powerful alignment with our multi-dimensionality, Path of Heart, Sacred Purpose and Divine Embodiment.

ImaNaviah Rose has been described as “a tremendous channel for healing and activation.”  Her passion for metamorphic evolution and empowerment has been the driving force behind her life’s path and medicine journey. Ima Rose is the creatrix and vessel for Soul Garden Alchemy, The Imaginal Awakening Process, Quantum Flow Bodywork, and The Yummy Yoni Revolution. She is the proprietress of the Rose Temple of the Imaginal Heart located in Vernon, BC. She is currently writing her first book "Reclaiming Motherhood: Sacred Birthing as a Rite of Passage" and creating the Soul Garden Alchemy Oracle Deck.


 2:00 PM  Colette Marie Stefan:  Truth is Funny.....Shift Happens   

Colette is an author whose books include The Truth Is Funny …. shift happens (stuff you wish your mom had known to tell you) and is a co-author of Lifesparks, Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite, as well as the revolutionary, Call To Dance Manuals (adult colouring books) and her blog, Adventures of an Activated Goddess.

Her state-of-the-art, seven-layer program, Call To Dance, features her powerful  artwork and Energy Correcting Cards from Tails From The Vector. At her integrative live events, participants put the information into practice to specifically address the needs of everyone attending. 

She also offers Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting Conferences and is available for private consultations as well as speaking engagements...  Shift Happens Energetic Upgrade Live Talk Events.


3:30 PM   How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities - A Panel Discussion

Learn how to best develop your own psychic abilities and why it's important. Whether you are interested in how to best “follow your gut instincts” when making decisions or discovering how to become a psychic yourself, this presentation will be jam-packed with amazing recommendations and insights. We will have a group of three our our top psychics along with a moderator who will set the tone, ask questions and then open the discussion to attendees for an lively and interactive Q&A session.




Online Admission & Workshop Pricing 

Please be sure to purchase your tickets online, in advance, as the prices increase if you purchase them at the door.

$30 VIP Weekend Pass 

Includes Friday night keynote presentation by Dr. Wayne Carr as well as private meet & greet and a three-day pass to the show. 
This pass will be $35 at the door.

$15 Weekend Pass

Does not include Dr. Wayne Carr keynote. Includes entrance to the show for three days and access to our Speaker Series, a total of eight presentations over Saturday and Sunday. 
This pass will be $18 at the door.

$8 Single Day Pass

Does not Dr. Wayne Carr keynote on Friday night. Includes access to our Speaker Series if attending on Saturday or Sunday.
This pass will be $10 at the door.

**Prices do not include GST


You will be automatically entered to win weekly prizes starting November 30th. Winners will be announced and notified weekly; prizes are claimed at the show.


Please purchase well tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.




Booth #17 // Sivona Martin
Life Purpose At Your Fingertips

250 215 8033
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Discover your life purpose through Hand Analysis - the reading of fingerprints and hands.  



Booth #33 // Rae-Marie Leggott
El Colibri: Pathways of Love and Light

250 328 5335
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Angel Card Readings, BodyTalk Tuneups, PSYCH-K Balances.


Booth #30 // Gabby Knodel
Gabby Psychic Medium

250 979 8282 
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Mini Soul Readings.


Booth #51 // Danielle James

403 922 0137
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Mini Card Sessions, intuitive readings/guidance and Akashic record readings.


Booth #29 // Melissa Frisby

250 939 8305
[email protected]
Facebook:  @melissapsychicmedium

Service(s) / Products: Psychic Readings, Card readings, mediumship readings. Pendulums, Crystal Keychains, Crystal necklaces, Crystal protection vials.

About Melissa: As a young child, before she could even make complete sentences, Melissa was communicating with spirit. But it was until her late teens that she truly started to explore her gifts after several profound spiritual experiences. Melissa now works as a psychic medium and spiritual instructor in Golden, BC. She is blessed to provide her clients with healing messages and guidance. Helping others along their own spiritual journey's, she provides group or one on one intuitive development workshops.

Booth #29 // Amanda Marcoux

587 676 5687
[email protected]
Facebook:  @Intuitive Awakening

Service(s) / Products: Card Readings, Spirit Animal Readings, Pendulum Sessions. Pendulums, Crystal Keychains, Crystal Necklaces, Crystal Protection Vials.

About Amanda: Amanda is a fun loving mother or two who developed her abilities later in life. After motivating her sister Melissa Frisby to pursue her passion of teaching others to develop their intuitive abilities, Amanda quickly developed her own gifts. She now offers psychic development classes in Red Deer, Alberta- such as tea leaf reading, pendulum, guided meditations, and psychometry,to name a few. She has a talent for making people laugh, bringing a light hearted energy to the classes and readings that she offers.


Booth #39 // Janine Novakowski
One With Earth Crystal Healing

250 550 9505 or 306 361 0355
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Gemstone intention energy bracelets and crystal wands, balls, points and skulls.


Booth #57 // Bonita Summers
Spirit Kelowna Wellness

250 863 5505
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Psychic tarot readings and chakra readings. By observing the chakras, I provide information about the aspects of your life that each chakra represents. I give practical tools for creating positive change in all areas of life. Get clarity about relationships, career, spiritual path and more. Be empowered.


Booth #26 // Evelyn Mulders
Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc.

250 766 2005
[email protected]  

Service(s) / Products:  Sound Essence Energy Medicine. Evelyn Mulders helping you keep your high vibes alive with Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies for your body, mind and soul! At booth #43 you’ll experience how the vibration of “sound in a bottle” accelerates the manifestation of your new desires, dreams and fabulous lives. It’s simple; the “sound in a bottle” creates a frequency match between you and your dreams. 

Sound Essence shifts the frequency in your meridians, chakras and the auric field band for full body, mind and soul rapture. Keep your High Vibes Alive! Experience it for yourself.


Booth #6 // Donna & Frank Fairhurst
Soul Full Solutions Inc

250 495 3940; 250 535 0746
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Aura Imaging & Reading

Aura & Chakra energy Balancing & reading, Reiki Master/ Reiki Healing, Angel Readings, Oracle Reading, Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide & Angelic Channel, Life & Soul Coach, Vibration Healing / Sound Healing / NLP Affirmations & Meditations, EMT (Tapping for health & balance), Soul Typing & Path Guidance.

Note: Donna and Frank will be doing a three-part Illuminate Special focused on aura imaging & reading, combined with Psychic readings.

About Donna: Donna is a Psychic Medium, Empath, Angel Channel, Auric & Chakra Reader, Soul Coach & Reiki Master. Having travelled and studied spiritual modalities and healing practices around the world for forty plus years, she embodies the highest professionalism in all her disciplines. She is particularly attuned to energy healing combining Reiki, chakra and auric resonance, and psychic guidance.

Booth #55 & 56 // Michael Rowland
The NRB Wellness Group

250 215 8014; 250 980 7007
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: TheraPhi regenerative wellness device.


Booth #1 // Joe Hernandez
Inner Immersion

778 381 8123
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  After a near death experience in 2000, Jose Hernandez created the artwork and evolved the Inner Immersion workshop as a way to channel the healing elements he encountered and drew upon during his traumatic experience and difficult recovery. He has had a great deal of success working with those battling a range of issues such as chronic disease, abuse and depression using the Inner Immersion workshop format and one-on-one personal consultations.

Inner Immersion is a highly effective practice incorporating breath-work, music, healing touch and guided meditation. Profound insights are achieved as participants complete their own responsive art, providing a visual documentary of the breakthroughs that are revealed and then released, during the process.

This weekend Jose will be offering ½ hour private sessions for the discounted rate of $50 (normally $125 per hour). Pre-booking is highly recommended to guarantee a spot.



Booth #43 // Debbie Clarkin
Alchemical Healing

 250 309 0626
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Debbie Clarkin is an Alchemical Healing Practitioner and Teacher. Debbie  will offering Intuitive readings, Alchemical Healing sessions, Alchemical Healing and Egyptian mysteries books.


Booth #29 // Tara Bradley
Earth Water Light ~ Intuitive Therapy

250 306 0110
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Tea Leaf Reading, Reiki, Psychic Practitioner, ThetaHealing (also Energy Infused Essential Oil Blends) 

Tara is an Intuitive Therapist who currently uses tea leaf reading, among other modalities, to access the psychic portal between mortals and the energies of the Universe. During her readings Tara delivers to you the messages that the Universe wants you to know right now. She incorporates ThetaHealing® and Reiki when needed, to support her clients during their session with her. Though life can be complicated, Tara’s readings can create true clarity and focus which is so very healing. This year, her daughter, Ever, will be offering readings for children.


Booth #37 // Mars Zhang 
Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

778 754 6655
[email protected]

Service (s) / Products:

  • Chinese herbs
  • Herbal tea and coffee
  • Pulse readings and herbal remedies


Booth #3 // Natasha Rosewood
Natasha Rosewood

778 558 2832

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Offering great discounts on psychic/palm/card readings.  15 mins for $35.00. Listen to Natasha speak on how to clear our ghosts from past lives and why knowing who you were can give you peace and purpose in moving forward.  Natasha’s three books on metaphysical awareness also for sale. Save money and purchase discounted packages for future psychic readings, past life regressions, book and workshops

Books:  Aaagh! I Think I'm Psychic (And You Can Be Too); Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures); and Mostly True  GHOSTLY Stories.









Booth #47 // Rita Trott
New Form Hypnotherapy

250 448 6313

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Why see a Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy gets to the bottom of whatever the issue is. It bypasses your critical conscious mind and connects with your unconscious. It changes your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from the inside out. It tackles the root of the problem –  not just the symptoms – and deals with it. And it does that better than almost any other form of therapy.

Booth #47 // Ruth Hart
Psychic Guide & Hypnotherapist

250 707 0770

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Psychic Guide & Hypnotherapist in Kelowna, BC, I aim to provide spiritual healing to those in need. I do readings over the phone or in person , and can help you  deals with it. And it does that better than almost any other form of therapy.


Booth #38 // Jennifer Innes
White Lioness Metaphysics

778 476 2929
[email protected]   

Service (s) / Products:  Psychic​ ​Reader​ ​and​ ​Healer Metaphysical​ ​books​ ​(Magical​ ​books,​ ​meditation​ ​books,​ ​yoga books,​ ​Psychic​ ​ability​ ​books,​ ​Divinations​ ​books,​ ​Energy healing​ ​books,​ ​etc) 

A​ ​large​ ​variety​ ​of​ ​Tarot​ ​decks,​ ​Oracle​ ​decks​ ​and​ LeNormand decks.


Booth #4 // Maria O'Farrell Carr
OK In Health eMagazine & Sacred Tours

250 493 0106
[email protected]   

Service(s) / Products:  

Celtic Wisdom Keeper – Maria Carr & OK In Health eMagazine

Maria will be offering Celtic Wisdom Sessions. (Pre-booking is recommended to be guaranteed a session). Sign-up to receive your free monthly OK In Health eMagazine. The Okanagan’s largest and longest running wellness eMagazine. Also find out about our Sacred and Holiday Tours to Ireland with Maria.


Booth #31 // Helen Whittle
Ask Helen

604 802 4495
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Intuitive Readings and Mini Medical Intuitive Scans. Through years of intense training, Helen has honed her innate psychic ability to be able to tune in quickly to the energy of the client she is working with whether at a distance or in person. Her clients are shown how to integrate body, mind, and spirit and come to a better understanding of who they are and what it takes to live an authentic life.


Booth #19 // Braden Karringten
Healing Tree Harmonics

250 503 7658
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Herbal honey blends/ boochi,bee haven, gochaa, hembau, bee pollens (bee budz), steeping tea/chagarootu, organic sulfur, humic acid (dirt) bamboo salt, chocolate.


Booth #19 // Bud Lackie
Bud's Medicinal Cannabis

250 808 1131
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: We will be giving out educational packages as well as displaying our cannabidio (CBD). We will also be selling our CBD skin care products and other natural health care products.

Booth #20 // Hillory Hanson
Universal Embodiment

403 819 7502
[email protected]  

Service(s) / Products: Multidimensional tarot/oracle psychic readings and energy work, channelling guides, mediumship, past life reading, angel/faery readings, energy clearing, mentoring 

Booth #37 // Claudia Busch 
Okanagan Ostrich Ranch

250 809 2558
[email protected]   

Service(s) / Products:  

  • Rejuvenation session essential oils applied with stones to the spinal reflex via the feet 15 minute
  • Stone People Medicine Stones
  • Glimpse all knowing wisdom as it relates to you via stones 15 minutes
  • Kombucha grab and go making kits
  • Kombucha bottled
  • Ostrich Oil for personal care and aid
  • Aura painting 20 minutes
  • Art by Crysti-Leta



Booth #32 // Carole Davis
Vedic Astrology

[email protected]
250 309 2736

Service(s) / Products:  

Vedic astrology accurately predicts future events that are coming into your life. Carole will explain why things are happening the way they are now and what will be taking place in your future. Also she will predict the outcome of unresolved issues that may be happening in your life.

Carole will give you the timing of marriage, children, buying/selling real estate, potential health issues, career path, investments, finances and so much more.  

This 6,000-year-old mystical tool, Vedic Astrology, the "Science of Light" will bring light into your world by helping you understand why things are happening in your life now and what will happen in the future.


Booth #54 // Premal Lemon
Ahimsa Om Meditation

250 808 9078
[email protected] 

Service(s) / Products:  Handmade, authentic meditation beads, intended to be used for meditation & mindfulness and to inspire kindness and personal growth.


Booth #15 // John Schlapbach 
Visions Healing 

250 868 5877 C 250 763 5670 H

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  

Mind-Body Energy Medicine
The Body Code/Emotion Code
The emotional component to health and wellness.

I will be demonstrating and working on individuals using the Body Code/Emotion Code to get to the root underlying causes of people health and life issues. There will also be an emphasis on identifying and releasing “Heart Walls” an area I specialize in. I will also have some Emotion Code books for sale. 



Booth #7 // Jaysone Tylor
Magical Readings

250 488 8154
[email protected]   

Service(s) / Products:  Bio-mat, Destiny Card Readings, Numerology, Voxx Socks,

Booth #5 // Maggie Davidson
Spirit Quest

250 804 0392
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Psychic readings – cards / numerology. Astrology charts available. Selling fairies, dragons, buddha, incense, divination cards.


Booth #13 // Marie Martin
Innerspace Awareness

250 765 7659
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Finding YOU and Living TRUE. I will also be promoting the HEAL documentary movie that myself and Dagmara my partner are currently showing in the Okanagan.

Booth #52 // Paul Elder
The Monroe Institute & Star Gate Seminars

250 730 7701

[email protected]


Service(s) / Products:  Patented Hemi-Sync CDs (Hemispheric Synchronization) & Spiritual books.


Booth #9 // Caleb Matthews
Encompassed By Dreams

250 878 3424

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Dream interpretation and spiritual readings.

Booth #53 // Joe Greenland
Fox Dreamer

250 801 9992

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Energy Clearings, Soapstone Carvings (Animal Totems), Indigenous Guidance (Native Medicine Man).

An Elder prayed for close to a year to give Joe Greenland a name, the name he was given was Shonee Hamblay (phonetically pronounced) Fox Dreamer, translation from Spirit “the ability to bring peoples dreams into reality.” While in the clients energy, messages usually come through from the clients guides and Joe is highly attuned and a clear channel of what needs to be conveyed.

Fox Dreamer offers “Clearings” because that is what Joe does, he sees, feels and hears what needs to be cleared around a person. The Universe and the Soul do the actual healing for the client. An infinite amount of change can happen following a personal “Clearing Session” with Joe, if you allow yourself to be open to it and invite the change into your life.

While in the clients energy, messages usually come through from the clients guides and Joe is highly attuned and a clear channel of what needs to be conveyed.

Joe Greenland is originally from the Arctic and was raised by his grandfather (a Medicine Man) who taught him the art of storytelling, how to listen for guidance and to trust the feeling (Energy) that moves everything. It is with those abilities, that connection that he carves his soapstone totems from. 

At the Illuminate event Joe will be offering 15- minute mini clearing sessions for $40 and a variety of hand-carved animal totems.



Booth #2 // Tammy Demchuk
Curvy Fit Girl

250 260 0545

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Curvy Fit Girl offers plus size active wear,gem stone bracelets and Angel card readings. I am a Metaphysical Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry out of Sedona Arizona. My goal is to support and guide the way for Plus sized women to “Love the Body You’re in” and to know that the only limits they have are the limits they put on themselves.

Booth #16 // Shannon Bliss
Health is Bliss

250 801 2798

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: 

  • Holistic Nutritional Practitioner Offering Live Blood Analysis
  • Teaching how to Clean up what doesn’t belong in your body, while repairing with nutrients, then maintenance for health and longevity.
  • Biotherapeutic drainage (homeopathic/energetic drainage) from Unda
  • Basis nutrients to promote optimal health from Genestraolistic 

Booth #14 // Chiharu Sato
Kiai Shiatsu

778 484 1844

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: Kiai Shiatsu is the only clinic that offers traditional style Shiatsu therapy in Kelowna. This technique, which is licensed in Japan, is very effective in relieving muscle tension as well as physical and mental discomfort. We also offer spinal adjustment cranial treatment and internal organ adjustment. The treatments greatly enhance your natural healing power and smooths out your energy flow.  


Booth #10 // Kimberly Marooney
Angel Blessings

360 565 5171   831 419 3200 (M)

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Mini Angel Readings to connect with your Angel Support Team to clear obstacles from your path.

Books, CD’s, DVD’s Angel Card sets, Rosary, Archangel Blessings mists, all created by Kimberly Marooney to deepen your experience with angels. 

Booth #41 // Colleen Ryan & Karen Otway

250 469 4264  250 550 8767

[email protected]   [email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  Health supplement, pet supplements, Physiq Weight Management, skincare, Omega 3's.


Booth #28 // Colette Marie Stefan
The Truth Is Funny

250 764 8998; 250 808 8976

[email protected]
www.thetruthisfunny.com  www.trailsfromthevector.com   

Service(s) / Products: The Truth Is Funny Book; Lifesparks Stories of Inspiration; Energy Correcting Cards from Tails From The Vector; Layer One Call To Dance Colouring Book Manuals.

15 Minute sessions for $20.00


Booth #44 // ImaNaviah Rose
Soul Garden Alchemy

250 320 5686

[email protected]

Service(s) /: Isis Oracle Readings, Energy Clearing & Alignment

Products: Soul Garden Alchemy- Delicious Detox Bodyscrub, Beauty Divine Toner Spritz, Rose Temple UniTea Blend

UniTea – Pink Cylone Tea, Ruby Tea Tips, Yummy Yoni Revolution – Mahina Mooncups, GIA Certified Yoni Eggs, GIA Certified Rose Quartz Shakti Massage Wand, Puamana Herbal Clay Detox Wand, Flower of Life Petals Phoenix Alchemy – Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures and Botanical Tonics.

Booth #21 // Debora Powell
Debora Powell Devine Intuitive & Healer

250 864 1819 

Service(s) / Products: Metaphysical work & Healing Body Scanning for Disorders Chakra Alignment  Reconnecting you to your Higher Self.








Booth #24 // Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson Intuitive Medium

250 859 2577

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s): Intuitive Mediumship Readings / Energy Portrait Readings / Original Artwork.

About Shannon: Born in Vancouver, Shannon began seeing spirits at an early age.  At the age of 18 she decided to start what she now says is life-long learning on the subject of communicating with spirits from the other side. Shannon graduated from Studio Arts at Capilano University in 2002 and over time found that her work as a professional artist really began to hone her sensitivity on the subject. She found that the creation of art, in a deeply spiritual way, had enabled her to tune into sensitive energies and further develop her abilities. At the age of 33, she found the capacity to communicate with spirit too strong to avoid any longer and so set out to professionally pursue what she now knew to be her true calling. Shannon’s ability to connect her clients with their loved ones on the other side has helped many people in many different ways.


Booth #24 // Christina Rennie C.R.M./C.E.T.
Animal Wisdom Communicator, Reiki Master

250 878 1684

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  

Animal and Animal Spirit Readings, Reiki Healings for Animals and People.

From a very young age, Christina had a natural connection with animals both in a physical and spiritual capacity. Throughout the last few decades, she discovered the purpose, gifts and lessons from the many domestic and wild animals that were very much part of her dream state and life. Wanting to understand a deeper way of connecting and healing, she completed her Animal Communication Training in 2008, then her Reiki Master, followed by her Equine Therapist Certification (Spinal manipulation for Horses and Dogs). Christina’s focus and purpose is now with helping people and animals develop a much deeper emotional and spiritual connection through heart-centered communication.

Booth #45 &46 // Jo-Lynn Daisy
Gathering of Natural Ways

403 307 4226

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  Jo-Lynn's desire is to bring ancestral knowledge into the new paradigm. Her mission is to assist you in raising your vibration, deepening your connection with Self and Spirit. Her knowledge of Ancient Traditions is diverse incorporating Buddhism, Yogic Ways, Taoism, and the Angelic Realm. She has been called spiritually to the Native ways since childhood, and has been actively involved socially and culturally with the Native North American people for many years. Jo-Lynn's passion centers on unifying Spirituality. All ways are Universal. We are all one.

Gathering of Natural Ways is about Universal Spirituality, bringing together Ancient Cultural Ways & a Connection with the Angels to provide Teaching of Medicine Ways and Sacred Tools to live Holistically including:

  •  4 Traditional Native Medicines - Sage, Sweet-grass, Cedar, Tobacco (Smudge Kits). Also Juniper, Beauty Way Smoke, Bear Root, Lavender, etc.
  • Hand and Floor Drums, Flutes, Rattles &  Crystals
  • Intuitive Healing Sessions 
  • Crystal Chakra Readings with Medicine Ways and a Shamanic Approach
  • Card Readings


Booth #8 // Bonnie Andrews
Gathering of Natural Ways

403 669 4160

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  Health and wellness socks and insoles. Sending messages to the mid brain thru the soles of the feet, Human Performance Technology(HPT) teaches the body to operate in the best performance possible.

Booth #22 // Minga Panagopoulos
Spiritual Guidance & Spirit Masks

250 801 8079

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  Spiritual guidance sessions / readings with pendulum and chart / with Spirit Mask. Products include handmade UNIQUE polymer clay masks and pendulums.

Booth #40 // Janet Charette
Traveling Theta Healer

416 521 5247

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  

  • Coaching using Extraordinary Coach ® and Compassionate Key ® modalities Spontaneous transformation
  • All About You – Namesplay
  • Mindset Mastery Healing Modalities - Theta Healing ® Access Bars ® Instant Miracle Technique ® Sacred Soul Alignments ® Core Expansion Energies ® Emotional Freedom Techniques ® Emotion Code ®


Booth #40 // Darlene Turner
TLC Healing Hands

250 420 7052

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  Theta healing ® sessions which allow you to change your life patterns held in place by core genetic, historic and soul beliefs.These changes happen in a relaxed, theta brainwave state. Replace limiting beliefs with positive ones and change any aspect of your life.

Also offering massage, both deep tissue and relaxing techniques; charge by the minute.

Booth #50 // Audrey Cranston
Young Living Essential Oils

778 363 0338

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  Essential Oils, Essential Oil-infused products, Diffusers.


Booth #58 // Perlah Shulamis - Satish Shonek
The Crystal & Sound Alchemy Temple of NeshamaOM

[email protected]
FB: NeshamaOMHolisticHealing
FB: NeshamaOMZenZone
FB: Neshama OM Okanagan Events

Products / Services: We are Energy, Crystal and Sound Alchemists making magic happen with Singing bowls, sacred geometry, crystals and other sound / energetic tools to help individuals raise their vibration while embracing their shift to higher levels of consciousness. Sound raises our vibrational field while bringing clarity, harmony and balance to our spaces and energetic and physical, emotional centres. We cater to groups (Sound Bathing/ Guided Meditations / Ritual Foot Bathing) and Individuals (private & couples sessions), house and business blessings, Performances, Workshops & Seminars. We will also work with your pets (bring us a photo) - large and small animals including horses; we will "tune in" and show you the magic that can happen with sound! Services are available live / in-person and remote / long-distance. Contact Perlah Shulamis at The Crystal & Sound Alchemy Temple of NeshamaOM to book your session or event. Vernon, BC.

Booth #12 // Siobhan 
Metamorphosis Healing Arts Victoria

250 881 2722

[email protected]

Products / Services: Psychic Readings, Card Readings, Intuitive Counselling - working with you to gain clarity by identifying and moving past obstacles.




Accommodation Specials:

Make it a special "get away" weekend with friends or family

The Coast Capri

Central Reservations:  1.800.663.1144     Hotel Direct:  1.250.860.6060

Please ask for the “Illuminate" rate

Rate Code:  ILLUMINA (Please give this code when booking your room online)

Room Rates:  

Comfort     $119.00/night

Superior    $129.00/night

Premium   $149.00/night

Rates are based on single/double occupancy, are excluding taxes (16%) 

Additional person(s) are $20.00 per person, per night, plus taxes.

Reservation cancellation is 48 hours prior to the date of arrival.


The Accent Inn

(across the road from the Coast Capri)

Central Reservations:  1.800.663.0298     Hotel Direct:  1.250.862.8888

Please ask for the “Illuminate" preferred rate 

Room Rates:  

Standard 2 Queen or King     $ 87.00/night

Kitchenette                             $107.00/night

Suite                                       $127.00/night

Rates are based on single/double occupancy, are excluding taxes (16%) 


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