Free Speaker Series at Illuminate 2015

This year's Illuminate 2015 Psychic Fair & More is bringing back its extremely popular Speaker Series featuring a wide range of topics, from Tesla Metamorphosis to the Emotion Code, Quantum Numerology, face reading and the secret to successful manifestation. For the cost of admission ($6 at the door for one day; $10 for both)...
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Ayurveda: The Art of Living

Ayurveda (meaning "the science of life") is a holistic healing system that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It treats mind, body and spirit as one, and strives to balance the essential elements that exist in all of us to attain our natural state of pure health. It does this through a variety of cleansing and rejuvenating...
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Life-Changing Medical Breakthroughs

There are some amazing new medical treatments being offered to treat a wide variety of illness and ailments and a seminar on April 26th will explore these options. The day-long workshop will also explain why we have so many “new” aliments and diseases today, most of which are connected to imbalances in our immune system and how...
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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

How often have you told a caller or someone you ran into, “I was just thinking about you!” Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it without looking at Caller ID? Do you often guess what someone is going to say next? Do you invariably wake up two minutes before the alarm goes off? Do your hunches ever come true? Everyone...
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Love is In The Air and In You!

Today we share a great message from Louise Hay. Happy Valentine's Day! Love in this era is different from what it was in the past. Today, we learn that everything in our outer world is a mirror of what goes on in our minds. If we want to find love and acceptance, then that’s what we must first give to ourselves. Most of us have...
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Amazing Benefits of EFT

On February 22nd, at our next purepower event, Dr. Janice Potter will teach participants about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You will learn about all of the amazing benefits of EFT, which are also described in this  incredible video where bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer shares a remarkable story about when he was 34...
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Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. It evolved over 5,000 years ago and is based on a body of knowledge known as the 'Vedas,' which translates to 'knowledge' or 'wisdom,' and is referred to as Jyotish, -- the ‘light of the heavenly bodies’. Today, Vedic astrology is acknowledged as...
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The Power of Shiatsu

The word Shiatsu is Japanese and translates as finger (“shi”) pressure (“atsu”).  Shiatsu is a form of oriental massage where thumb, finger and palm pressure are applied to the body in order to harmonize the flow of Chi/Qi (human energy). Chi/Qi flows through channels called meridians and nurtures all aspects...
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