Often we look outside ourselves for solutions, when the answers reside within.  purepower events assists you in connecting with this inner knowing by offering practical tools and expert education. You will discover how to embrace all aspects of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and in so doing, create passion and joy in your life.

You will learn how to make decisions aligned with your true purpose, with the ease and reassurance that you're not alone, rather connected to everything. As your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness improves, you will create the life you desire – and deserve.

Our mission is to deliver events that demonstrate and teach people they are far more powerful than they know. Our workshop and seminar leaders empower audiences to improve every aspect of their life – body, mind and spirit. The education provided is simple, yet profound, guiding people to discover and develop their passion and purpose with joy and gratitude.

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Exhibitors for Illuminate 2019 Psychic Fair and More

Join astrologers, tarot and tea leaf readers, numerologists, mediums and energy healers of many modalities will be gathered to assist in identifying your strengths and uncovering the blocks that may be holding you back from living life to your highes



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